The Growth of Personal Training in the Western World

Personal training is now considered an important fitness solution for people in the western world. An increasing number of people are hiring personal trainers to help them attain their fitness goals. For most fitness enthusiasts, working with a personal trainer is an investment in their health.

Research evidence has revealed that a healthy lifestyle has a positive influence on other aspects of our lives including career and relationships. A healthy lifestyle includes proper nutrition and exercise. Most people know this but they still find it difficult to put in the effort required to improve their health. This is where a personal trainer comes in. A trainer plays a very important role because they are always there urging you to go further.

Some people pay for gym memberships and rarely show up for the sessions. There has been an increased interest in personal training because people are looking for a source of motivation. Your local gym will not call you to ask you about missed sessions. With a personal trainer, you have no option but to wake up every morning or make time during the day or night to work out. Personal trainers offer accountability because they will either come to your home at a specified time or meet you at the gym.

Personal Training

The growth of personal training in the western world can also be attributed to the fact that they offer one-on-one attention during workouts. When you attend a gym session with a group of people, it is difficult for the trainers to offer individualized attention to every participant. Gym sessions are limited to a specific number of minutes and it would be impossible for trainers to cater to meet everyone’s needs fully. On the other hand, when you hire a personal trainer, they offer you undivided attention. They will design routines that are specifically designed to meet your physical and fitness needs. If you suffer from a medical condition, the trainer will come up with workout plans to improve your situation. In a gym with a few other participants, a trainer offers general routines that they assume are suitable for everyone. Personal trainers carry out a comprehensive assessment before they design routines.

The rising demand for fitness trainers in the UK and USA has resulted in many young men and women pursuing careers as fitness professionals; everything from gym instructor courses to Discovery Pilates courses are in high demand.

A personal trainer can also help you come up with diet plans. Nutrition also plays an essential part in your fitness goals because you need the right kind of foods to give your energy to work out, heal your muscles, and build them. Hiring a personal trainer is the one of the best ways to get diet plans specifically designed to meet your nutritional needs. This is because the trainer understands exactly how much energy you are using based on your workouts and day-to-day activities.

More people in the western world are realizing that they need more than a gym membership to attain fitness and enjoy good health. This is why they choose to work with personal trainers who have the expertise required to come up with appropriate diet plans and effective workouts. There are many very good personal trainers in Croydon, England. With a personal trainer, there are no excuses for not working out and eating right and this makes it easy to attain fitness objectives.

The Double Edged Sword That Is Photo Manipulation And Social Media

With everything seemingly heading into the direction of social media and photo manipulation to create seemingly real desires, the lines between reality and fiction gets ever blurred. I remember growing up with the wonders of MSN messenger and Bebo combined with the deadly combination that is Microsoft Paint and online text editors you could become a social king on the playground but recent years have seen vast improvements in both areas.

Now the social kings are the ones who seem to play the system, with Facebook, Twitter and Co we have started to see the ability you have to create a fictional you, multiple versions of you or pose as someone else and if your lie is coherent enough and with enough dedication to the cause, it is very unlikely anyone will be come any the wiser. Of course with these sites you need a stream of photos, which most people use less popular sites to obtain images and information such as Myspace or steal of other peoples Facebook sites and start playing the game of “it’s the real me, they’re a fake”. Now this is quite common knowledge that his happens, we have seen a film and a TV series been formed from this realisation, coining the term “Catfish” to describe people posing as someone they’re not on social media sites and as the show discovers these people usually pose as long distances away, steal others photos and scans another person’s to lose themselves in this persons world.


This is further aided by the ability to manipulate photos so believably, not only do professionals have access to these programmes there are all kind of free, demo and bootleg versions around that most people have a working understanding on how to edit a photo and most do it with the intention to create a piece of work or some kind of funny image. Then you get the people who try and photoshop pictures of themselves with celebrities, which half the time are easy to spot as fake and there is no back story or nothing believable as to how they got this picture.

But, what happens when you get a Catfish who can manipulate imagery? A very believable lie.

This is exactly what Zilla van de Born did, the 25 year old artist from Amsterdam created an elaborate lie with her boyfriend, telling friends and family she was going travelling to Asia and would post everything on Facebook. For a month, she hid in her flat, leaving in disguise and taking pictures in local swimming pools, the beach and her living room, which she then edited to make it seem like she had been travelling to all these beautiful places and meeting all these people. She fully committed to the lie by getting and topping up her tan over the month making it darker to seem like she had been catching more sun and even sending home postcards, yet the only person who knew any different was her boyfriend who was helping her. She revealed all to her parents, friends and family all who were shocked at how easily they had believed the lie and how easily she had created this fiction when in reality she had never left. This has now blown the lid on people faking their locations coining the term fakecationing and is another tool in the armoury for the Catfish.

Could the new Apple Watch cause problems for drivers?

The Department of Transport has made it clear that the use of Smart watches, such as the Apple watch, will fall under the same legislation and ruling as that of mobile phone use, if deemed distracting or influential in an accident could see you facing the same punishments you would receive for that of using your phone.

Motorist currently face 3 point of their licence and a £100 on the spot fine if caught using or seemingly distracted by a mobile phone, with up to two years if they cause a fatal accident while using a gadget behind the wheel. With official figures show that between 2010 and 2012; more than 54,000 accidents were caused by distracted motorists whilst a report by the RAC shows more than a quarter of motorists say that they have nearly hit a pedestrian using a phone, while it has been revealed that one in seven pedestrians admits to crossing the road without looking while using their mobile phones.

So how likely are you to be distracted by the new Apple watch? Let’s look at is spec:

Like a mobile phone you can receive calls, messages and emails which are an instant distraction to have whilst driving, however, to even answer these you have to use your other hand to twist the dial on the side of your watch, as opposed to phones where you can use one hand. I’m not saying that the use of one hand on the wheel while trying to unlock a phone is safe but awkwardly trying to twist a small dial whilst looking at your risk isn’t exactly any safer. This will prove a real problem just operating it behind the wheel each app is a little bubble on the screen, which means you have to look and scroll using the dial to reach the chosen application, meaning you will have to look at the watch whilst placing your hands at awkward angles behind the wheel.  Equally just trying to read a message which is on a display small than two inches, will take a few seconds of concentration to even just skim-read, seconds which on the road could be vital.

The Apple iWatch

You also have to look at these new communication apps available on the watch, simply by engaging with the interface which means just touching the watch face but these are set to a silent vibrate when someone sends you something, the communication apps which allow sketches, walkie-talkies, heart beats and tap are all going to cause a distraction in some way of another. The Sketch communication allows one user, to draw something on their watch face, whilst on another users, that image starts to draw itself out. If you’re driving down a road and suddenly see a picture of a flower appearing on your watch, you are going to glance away from the road to view what has appeared on your watch, that second that you’re looking away is enough for you to be involved in a fatal accident. The same applies for Heartbeat, Tap and Walkie-Talkie communication modes, two which send vibrations and the other a sound clip, all three which could startle you or encourage you into responding which would seem a simple action, yet again would distract your attention away from the road long enough for an accident to occur.

There is no guarantee that these issues raised above will cause accidents but, it will definitely increase the temptation to be distracted behind the wheel, at least with phones they’re often to the side or in pockets, so if you are restrained enough you can resist, but this is on your arm whilst you drive and you will be able to not only see and hear, but feel when someone is trying to get hold of you, even through sensation alone you’re going to look to your watch face.

The Apple iPhone 6 Has Arrived!

News has arrived that Apple have finally decided to shake the market with their new iPhone 6 which is a big leap forward from their past iPhones. The new iPhone comes in two varieties: the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 plus.

The Apple iPhone 6


The iPhone 6 comes with a lot of new features including:


Bigger screen

The new Apple iPhone 6 has a bigger screen compared opt the past models and is much better and more stylish compared to the previous ones. It has an improved HD retina display, which has a pixel resolution of 1,334 x 750. The iPhone 6 plus has a retina density of 1080p.


Large body

The new Apple iPhone has a large and wide body with rounded edges which make it safe and comfortable to handle. Because of its better size the new iPhone fits well into your hands and is easier to use and manipulate. The edges of the new Apple iPhone are protected by a glass lining.


Color variety

The new phone comes in three different colors which include silver, gold and gray. It gives users a great opportunity to select their favorite color.


Power lock button

The power lock button of the new phone is placed on the right end of the phone. This ensures that the phone cannot switch on by itself.



The average weight of the phone is about 129 grams.


Fingerprint scanner

This new phone has a fixed fingerprint scanner which has been installed and fixed inside the main home button. This is an excellent tool for preventing unauthorized people from accessing your phone and all its data.


Phone camera

It has an 8-megapixel camera which comes with a new sensor. The phone’s camera also focuses faster compared to the previous ones. It has an installed flash and is less noisy.

It operates on a Panorama mode, which has the ability to capture at least 43 megapixels. The camera enables you to select the best pictures from the ones captured by using the algorithms.

The new Apple iPhone 6 has the digital image stabilization mode which helps in stabilizing images when taking pictures.

It also has a video camera which can capture definition videos of up to 1080p.The video camera has a continuous focus mode which enables you to adjust your camera when capturing moving objects.


Phone Processor

It has an 8 processor which has a 64 bit chipset. It also has a faster CPU which has improved efficiency and effectiveness.


Phone battery

The battery of the new phone can last for over ten hours depending on the network being used.



The phone has an enhanced Wi-Fi speed because the Wi-Fi system is supported.


Pricing and release date

The new Apple iPhone 6 is expected to hit the market by September this year. It is expected to start selling in the Europe, Asia and America. The price will depend on the version and size of the phone as well as the market.

In the United States of America the price will range between $199 and $299. In the United Kingdom the price will be pegged at £539 to £619 depending on the phones version.