The Apple iPhone 6 Has Arrived!

News has arrived that Apple have finally decided to shake the market with their new iPhone 6 which is a big leap forward from their past iPhones. The new iPhone comes in two varieties: the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 plus.

The iPhone 6 comes with a lot of new features including:


Bigger screen

The new Apple iPhone 6 has a bigger screen compared opt the past models and is much better and more stylish compared to the previous ones. It has an improved HD retina display, which has a pixel resolution of 1,334 x 750. The iPhone 6 plus has a retina density of 1080p.


Large body

The new Apple iPhone has a large and wide body with rounded edges which make it safe and comfortable to handle. Because of its better size the new iPhone fits well into your hands and is easier to use and manipulate. The edges of the new Apple iPhone are protected by a glass lining.


Color variety

The new phone comes in three different colors which include silver, gold and gray. It gives users a great opportunity to select their favorite color.


Power lock button

The power lock button of the new phone is placed on the right end of the phone. This ensures that the phone cannot switch on by itself.



The average weight of the phone is about 129 grams.


Fingerprint scanner

This new phone has a fixed fingerprint scanner which has been installed and fixed inside the main home button. This is an excellent tool for preventing unauthorized people from accessing your phone and all its data.


Phone camera

It has an 8-megapixel camera which comes with a new sensor. The phone’s camera also focuses faster compared to the previous ones. It has an installed flash and is less noisy.

It operates on a Panorama mode, which has the ability to capture at least 43 megapixels. The camera enables you to select the best pictures from the ones captured by using the algorithms.

The new Apple iPhone 6 has the digital image stabilization mode which helps in stabilizing images when taking pictures.

It also has a video camera which can capture definition videos of up to 1080p.The video camera has a continuous focus mode which enables you to adjust your camera when capturing moving objects.


Phone Processor

It has an 8 processor which has a 64 bit chipset. It also has a faster CPU which has improved efficiency and effectiveness.


Phone battery

The battery of the new phone can last for over ten hours depending on the network being used.



The phone has an enhanced Wi-Fi speed because the Wi-Fi system is supported.


Pricing and release date

The new Apple iPhone 6 is expected to hit the market by September this year. It is expected to start selling in the Europe, Asia and America. The price will depend on the version and size of the phone as well as the market.

In the United States of America the price will range between $199 and $299. In the United Kingdom the price will be pegged at £539 to £619 depending on the phones version.