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Benefits of Giving Children Music Exercise

Music has been known for its great benefits for the development of a child’s brain. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to listen to music to their children since they are still in the womb. But not only listening to music, learning to play an instrument can also stimulate a child’s brain, you know.

Music is one of the most beautiful things on earth that can provide benefits for anyone, including for the Little One. Listening to songs to babies who are still in the womb is known to stimulate and increase the reaction of brain activity. A newborn baby also recognizes rhythm rather than recognizes words. Not only listening to music, giving music training to children when he is older is also a lot of benefits you know, namely as follows:

  1. Controlling Emotions

Listening to music is one way that is often done by adults to entertain themselves, improve bad moods, and relieve stress. In fact, music does have a major influence on one’s mental health, including children. A study conducted by a team of child psychiatrists from the University of Vermont’s College of Medicine, found that music training can help reduce anxiety experienced by children. Practicing musical instruments is proven to make the cortex or outer surface of the brain thinning. Thick cortex is indicated to be the cause of anxiety, depression, offensive nature and uncontrolled behavior in children. Children who are given music training are also considered to be able to control their emotions better. Violin is known as a musical instrument that is more effective in helping treat psychological problems in children than using drugs.

  1. Helping Children Focus More

Still based on research by a child psychiatric team from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, music training can help children become more focused on what they are doing. The cortex becomes thinner due to playing music, is useful to overcome the problem of concentration of children and make children’s memory work well.

  1. Make Children Smarter

Learning to play certain musical instruments, such as drums that combine hand and foot movements is very good for stimulating motor areas in the child’s brain. In addition, children also learn to coordinate body movements with vision, hearing, and also the brain when playing music. It can make him think faster, have a strong memory, and improve the ability of the right and left brain.

  1. Practicing Physical Skills

Giving drum lessons that involve multiple limbs is very good for very active children. Thus, children can learn to develop coordination and motor skills that generally lie in the movements of the hands and feet. While the piano and stringed instruments such as violins and guitars, require different movements between the right hand and left hand, so it is useful to practice hand skills and make children feel calm.