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Human Respiratory System: Anatomy and Function

The Human Respiratory system is a network of organs and tissues that functions to take oxygen in and expel carbon dioxide out of the body.
The respiratory system is made up of the nose, larynx, pharynx, bronchi, lungs and trachea.
Let us know about the parts of the respiratory system to gain a better understanding.

Parts of the Respiratory System

  • Nose: The nose is an external protuberance of an internal space called the nasal cavity. It is divided into a right and left side by a bony cartilaginous wall called the septum. The nostrils open on the outer side of the body and to the internal side through the pharynx. The nostrils are lined with hairs that act as the first line of defence against pathogens.
  • Larynx: The larynx serves as an air canal to the lungs. It is also called the voice box of the human body because it

Will Online Education Change the Traditional Education System We Once Know?

Recently, everything has developed into the online space. Like many other sectors that have seen the daylight of online opportunity, education has evolved.

Gradually, almost everyone seems to appreciate the comfort and ease that comes with online education in comparison to traditional education. However, online education does not negate the importance of conventional education. The reason being that both educational practices have a considerable level of importance and are still very much relevant in the educational sector across the world.

The COVID-19 experience changed the game with education as everyone was forced to stay within the confines of their home. Most schools, like some workplaces, turned to the saving arms of the internet to continue with their studying on online platforms. Shaw Academy is an online school that provides needed education to students across the world with ease and convenience.

The question then remains that with the change and continuity …


Top Princess Disney Movies that Your Child Can Take a Lesson From

Walt Disney Company has been serving the world for many decades from cartoon to animations. They have improved the story line and characterisation as the years go by. The animation company has not only bought into the minds of children but adults too.

Disney Movie Club services has provided the best of animation through the lens of awesome camera and movie production. The entertainment for child is paramount and these experiences shape the life of a child. The lessons learnt from these movies are taken into adulthood.

Top Princess Disney Movies

Disney has presented quite a number of princess movies, and their characters are something to learn from.

Frozen I & II shows us that the bond of family is the greatest, and siblings should look after each other. In this movie, the stereotype of always been saved by true love’s kiss was debunked. Ladies can stand up and …


6 Tips to Lose Weight by Walking


Recently, walking has become a trend for healthy living. Apart from being active, it turns out that walking can also help you lose weight. Next summarizes the tips for you.

According to health experts, adults are advised to be more active throughout the day. These adults can reduce the duration of sitting and choose activities that move the body, one of which is walking.

If you are planning to lose weight, then walking is an excellent first step.

1. The benefits of walking

Walking can actually reduce heart disease and increase physical performance abilities. Besides being good for the body, moving on foot also helps mental health.

By walking, you can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Meanwhile, if the body feels too much excess fat, then this could be a solution.

Where according to research, walking can fight obesity and help maintain body weight. You can also take …