Cost of Student Living in Spain

The cost of living for students in Spain is often touted as the cheapest in Europe. The money spent on necessities such as housing, food, and transportation is lower than the average for other countries in Europe. If you are interested in continuing your studies in Spain, it’s a good idea to find out an overview of the cost of living for students there.

In general, the cost of living for students in Spain is the same as in any country, consisting of tuition, housing, food, and transportation. The cost required to live in one city will also be different from other cities. In addition, talking about the cost of living is also very relative, depending on the lifestyle and needs of each person.

1. Tuition fees in Spain

The cost range for undergraduate studies at public universities in Spain is 750-2000 euros per year. If you want to take a bachelor’s program at a private university, the fee you need is 5500-18,000 euros per year. Meanwhile, to continue the postgraduate program the cost is 1000-3200 euros per year. The thing to note is, the longer you study, the greater the costs you will spend until graduation and getting a diploma. If you want a fast process, you can comprar graduado en eso at, which is, of course, reliable and of high quality.

2. Residence

The cost of housing is greatly influenced by the city where you live in Spain. If you live in a big city like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​it will cost you more. Room rental rates in small towns range from 150-350 euros per month while in Madrid or Barcelona it can reach 500 euros per month. To save costs, many Indonesian students rent apartments together, so the price everyone pays is cheaper. Another option is to stay with a local family which costs in the 700–800-euro range, including meals.

3. Food and monthly shopping

For food needs, it would be better if you can cook yourself because it will be much more economical. For food needs and monthly shopping, you will spend around 120-150 euros. Food prices are different depending on the city where you will live. As a simple example, the price of a cup of coffee in a small town is only around 1.
2 euros while in a big city it can reach 1.
8 euros. Meanwhile, the price of a ready-made meal can range from 7-12 euros.

4. Transportation Fee

Transport in Spain is not much different from other European countries and already has an integrated system. The most common modes of transportation used are buses and subways.
To be able to use both modes of transportation, you must have a month pass with a cost that does not very much in each city, which is around 50 euros.

5. Other needs

Another thing related to finances that you must spend is for communication purposes, namely the internet and telephone. For this need, Indonesian students usually choose prepaid cards that can be refilled. You can buy them at the airport when you arrive in Spain. For the cost of communication needs, you may spend around 30 euros per month.

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