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It turns out that playing music is not as simple as sounding a device. The human brain performs a series of processes starting from looking at musical notes, interpreting them, to moving its limbs to say the right note. This activity provokes both parts of the brain, left and right, to work together so that it can have a good effect if done in the long run.

Several studies have shown that children who like to play music have intelligence and abilities better than those who do not. Following is an explanation of the more points that children get if they pursue this skill.

Improve memory

Regarding memory, the left brain is the center of short-term memory, while the right mind is for long-term memory. By training both of them through musical instruments, children will get better memory skills. Children will also have better concentration in learning.

Improve physical skills

The physical skills referred to in this case are related to fine and gross motor skills in children while playing music. 

Pianos, guitars, and violins are just a few examples of musical instruments that many trains a child’s excellent motor skills because they require finger dexterity and eye coordination when forming tones. Meanwhile, drums are the most visible example of children’s gross motor skills because they need them to move most of their limbs.

 Have a place to express themselves

Playing music is also a place to express yourself. Its existence is vital so that children can vent emotions happy, sad, angry, anxious, and so on. Of course, this has a positive effect, both for the child and the environment.

With a role as a means of emotional overflow, children tend not easily stressed. Releasing stress by playing music was more successful than counseling, and was far better than screaming.

Sometimes parents make music as a means to correct their children’s shortcomings. For example, a child is easily angry and disobedient to parents. After playing music, they become more obedient and can maintain emotions.

Looking at the various points above, we can conclude that playing music is suitable for children. However, after all, it can not be separated from the role of parents in accompanying their children.