Top 5 Swaddle Blankets For Newborns

There are differences between various swaddle blankets for babies. They sometimes create special effects on their sleeping. If you know the basic content of swaddling, you can define how they can work well. Making the best swaddle blankets is a good way to help you become the great new mommy for your infant.

So how do you maximize benefits of your swaddling? It’s necessary to find the best swaddle blankets for baby firstly. Different blankets offer dissimilar influences on the newborns and then you should learn to define which one is best for your baby.

You can see multiple models in the market today. Thus, we introduce a short useful list to save your time on researching. Some of the top swaddling blankets are below.

1. Miracle Blanket

It’s made for the little wiggler especially. The foot pouch can keep the baby in place and the arm flaps help secure the baby’s arms.

Moreover, the design is cute, nice, snug, and comfy. It’s a mixture of the swaddling and abdominal force so it actually soothes your infant.

Besides that, it’s easy to use and suitable for new parents who don’t have any experience on swaddling.

The disadvantage is that it only offers the one size and isn’t large as the real blanket. Thus, it can’t grow following your baby in the future months.

2. HALO SleepSack

This has the similar function as its name but it also soothes your infant so well.

The material is 100% cotton or microfleece and includes two sizes that are suitable for the newborns and older babies. The cotton design is more lightweight and proper for hot seasons because of the higher breathability. On the other hand, the microfleece blanket is more weight and warmer and great for cold weathers.

The blanket has Velcro straps to secure the baby but sometimes he can also escape from it.

A zip-up style is a preferable option because of the convenient use.

3. Woombie

This is the new swaddle blanket following the womb condition. It’s quite tight with the double zip-up attachment. It can be used as a normal swaddle or a sleep sack.

The simple design is suitable for new parents to change a new one at the midnight.

The material is almost cotton and fairly stretchy for the comfort and breathability. It doesn’t include the additional material and it’s tight and comfortable enough for the baby’s safety.

There are 4 sizes for the newborn with the maximum weight of 25 pounds.

The last great thing is that you can wash it by hand or machine.

4. SwaddleMe

This is also the full cotton swaddle blanket and one of the most popular brands in the market today.

The Velcro straps help secure your baby during the night sleep. The fabric is thin enough for people living in the warmer climate.

The cotton makes it nice and comfortable but you can’t scrub it too much during washing.

The sizes include two options: Small and Large. However, some reviewers show the labels aren’t exact and you should try to use to define the correct measurement.

5. Aden Anais Classic Muslin

Their products are some of the most famous models available nowadays and their quality is extremely amazing.

These light blankets are suitable for most newborns but you should choose the heavier designs for cold weathers which are also the best qualities.

Besides that, they are large and have nice outlooks for the older babies.

The 100% cotton layers make them more breathable and avoid overheating during sleeping at night.

In addition, they last longer and can be washed by machine but you must ensure to leave them dry completely before using again.

Another advantage is that you can use them as the pad on the car seat or stroller. They’re also great for tummy or nursing time.

Now you know the best choices of the swaddle blankets for babies, you can choose the right one for your own needs. You should consider the baby’s condition, environments, and sleeping conditions to make a right choice. Reliable brands ensure your babies are safe and comfortable in the blankets during sleeping. Certainly, you also should consider your budget before shopping around, but the baby’s health must be your priority.


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