6 Tips to Lose Weight by Walking


Recently, walking has become a trend for healthy living. Apart from being active, it turns out that walking can also help you lose weight. Next summarizes the tips for you.

According to health experts, adults are advised to be more active throughout the day. These adults can reduce the duration of sitting and choose activities that move the body, one of which is walking.

If you are planning to lose weight, then walking is an excellent first step.

1. The benefits of walking

Walking can actually reduce heart disease and increase physical performance abilities. Besides being good for the body, moving on foot also helps mental health.

By walking, you can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Meanwhile, if the body feels too much excess fat, then this could be a solution.

Where according to research, walking can fight obesity and help maintain body weight. You can also take additional vitamins to lose weight faster, one of the proven and safe vitamins is proven.

2. When walking, make sure the body is well hydrated

If you choose to walk long distances at once, then you need to think about body fluids. Make sure you meet your drinking needs to keep your body well hydrated.

Not drinking on the go, but drinking beforehand. The trick, drink 2 cups of water 30-60 minutes before walking. After walking, you can drink a glass of water to meet your body’s water needs.

It is important that you choose the right drink. Avoid drinks that have too much sugar or sweeteners. Choose the safest drink, namely water.

3. Use the right equipment

Even if it’s just walking, you should use equipment like you want to exercise. Don’t use flip-flops, choose sports shoes.

This is important to reduce the chance of you getting hurt during walking.

Sports shoes can help the body walk with good posture and help you walk longer distances comfortably.

Even though it’s not like running, if you want to walk to lose weight, you have to pay attention to your posture while doing it.

You can straighten your face and straighten your shoulders during the walk. In addition, straighten your back also should not be done. No less important, tighten your butt muscles when you step.

That way, all the muscles in the body are trained during the walking session.

4. Use the appropriate speed

In walking to exercise and lose weight, there are 3 types of speed to choose from.

The first is a stroll or a leisurely walk. This method has a speed like when you are walking in the mall. The difficulty level is between 3-4 out of 10.

The second is the brisk walk. If likened, like being in a bit of a hurry. The speed rate is 4-5 out of 10.

The last one is a power walk which is similar to a super fast road. Like jogging but in the form of walking.

You can start with a stroll or a leisurely walk, then increase your speed with a brisk walk. As for the power walk, it can be added every 5 minutes to increase the work of the heart.

The duration of the power walk can be done according to your abilities. Also, the duration can be longer as time goes by, you often exercise by walking.

Power walk is very helpful to reduce body weight and help the body work performance.

5. Determine the appropriate duration

There is no time binding sports. You can walk for 1 hour or just 30 minutes. For maximum results, you can walk 2.5 km per 30 minutes and 5 km in 1 hour.

If you can’t make it 30 minutes to walk, do what you can. Walking as much as possible is better than walking at all.

6. Select an uphill route

If you want to walk at home, then using a treadmill is the best way. This is because the treadmill has an uphill track.

Meanwhile, if outside the house, choose a route that is a bit uphill. According to research, walking on an uphill path increases the intensity of exercise that is good for body muscles and leg strength.