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7 Benefits of Learning English

There are many reasons to learn English. However, many parents think English is difficult to determine. It is crucial to focus and know exactly why your child must learn English. Here are seven reasons why English is vital to learn.

1. Facilitate Communication

Communicating with strangers will be easy with English. If we master English, we will not experience difficulties in communicating wherever we are.

2. Opportunities for Schools Abroad

For parents who want their children to continue studying abroad, English is a must. Most universities elsewhere use English as a mandatory language. Therefore parents must send their children to international schools to hone the English skill.

If you intend to enroll your child in an international school, then Wells American International School Bangkok should be your choice. This school already has an international curriculum, complete facilities, and uses English as a mandatory language in schools.

3. Additional Knowledge

English can increase our understanding and knowledge globally and comprehensively. Understanding English helps us represent various other languages ​​around the world.

4. Languages ​​of Many Countries

In the past, the British Government expanded to multiple countries in the world, so many countries became British colonies. This action positively affects the language used in the colony. So many countries of the former British colony use English until now. Speaking English will open your way to finding out the culture of these countries.

5. Science

English is the language of science. To excel in science, you need to learn English. As we know, many science books use English or are translated into English.

6. Make You Confident

When we have excellent English language skills, we will have good self-confidence. When people around us use English to communicate, and we don’t know how to speak English, we will lose our confidence.

7. Becoming an English teacher

Being a tutor or English teacher is the dream of some people. Becoming a tutor or teacher is a profession that people are interested in when they already have excellent English and teaching skills.