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Advantages of International Schools Rarely Known by Parents

Lately, international schools have started to become a conversation among people. The international school produces many successful graduates in other countries, both in terms of education or employment.

Here are some Advantages of the International School that Parents rarely know about:

International schools have a clear vision, mission, and goals.

International schools have a vision, mission, and goals that are known to all school workers (school principals, teachers, administrators, and employees), parents, and students. All school activities will lead to the achievement of the vision, mission, and goals of the school. If you are looking for a school for your child, Wells American International School Bangkok is the right choice.

Clear curriculum

International schools have an explicit curriculum and can be applied to the real world and evolve with the changing times. International schools are very open to changes that can make their students more advanced compared to students in other schools.

Improving staff quality

Every year, there is training given to teachers, such as attending seminars, visits several other international schools, teacher discussion forums, teacher collaboration training, private school and international teacher meetings, and many other pieces of training.

High competition power

Each student is taught to compete healthily and correctly. A variety of activities are held to foster student competition power. Not only in academic matters but also non-academic.

• Academic competition are the Math Olympiad, science, language competitions such as storytelling, spelling and poetry recitation, and speech competitions.

• Non-academic competitions are dancing, singing, painting, playing musical instruments, and modeling competitions.

Extracurricular Activities

Various activities that support students’ brain and motor development are always noticed in international schools. Extracurricular activities here are supported by complete facilities following the learning needs and interests of students.

Complete facilities

Most International Schools already have full facilities, which support student learning activities. Facilities such as physics, chemistry, biology, computers, languages, seminar rooms, music rooms, art rooms, gymnasiums, sports fields, playing fields, and auditoriums complement international school facilities.