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Before Buying a Water Pump, Pay Attention to These 5 Things!

All living things in this world need water to survive. Apart from being drunk, water is also used for various household activities such as cooking, washing clothes, washing utensils, bathing, and much more. So that water supply is always available, you must have a water pump.

The water pump is used to drain water from the ground to all the taps in your house. Nowadays, water pumps are already using electricity so there is no need to bother pressing the pump lever manually like it used to be. Now before you buy a water pump for the house, you must pay attention to these 5 things!

1. Measure the depth of the water surface before determining the type of water pump

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the depth of the surface of the water. If you are not sure when measuring, ask for help from a handyman to measure it using a water pump pipe or thread and nails.

A water surface depth of less than 7 meters is suitable for using a shallow well water pump. If the depth is 7-9 meters, use a semi jet pump. For more than 14 meters of depth, use a submersible water pump. As for the depth of 20-30 meters, use a water pump jet pump.

Besides being used to determine the type of water pump, you can also use the depth of the water surface as a reference to determine the position of the water pump. The ideal distance is 0.5 to 1 meter from the surface of the water.

2. Pay attention to the voltage of the water pump to be used

When you want to buy a water pump, pay attention to the voltage. Adjust the electrical power of the house so you don’t mind. Usually the greater the power of the water pump, the higher the voltage will be. But also avoid voltage that is too low because it can affect the flow of water flowed.

For an illustration, a water jet pump normally has a voltage of 250 to 500 watts in a stable state and 500 to 900 watts when sucking water.

3. Choose a water pump that suits your household needs

The water needs of each household are different. It usually depends on the number of residents and daily activities. If there are many residents of the house, you often cook and wash your own clothes at home, choose a water pump that has a large suction power and is able to produce large amounts of water discharge. Thus all residents of the house can use water without having to wait long.

Conversely, if there are only a few occupants and hand the laundry to the laundry, just choose a water pump with moderate suction power. You can also save electricity.

4. Assess the quality of the water pump

To assess the quality of the water pump, you can pay attention to the materials and components used. On the impeller, choose one that uses stainless steel so it is not easily broken or cracked. In the coil section of the electric motor, choose one that uses copper. Avoid aluminum material because it is easier to heat up and have a short circuit which endangers the safety of the occupants of the house. Read Also, how to cek tagihan pdam kota malang

A quality water pump will certainly be more expensive, but it will be outweighed by its durability and prevent you from the danger of a short circuit.

5. Choosing a water pump that has a soft sound

A water pump with a smooth engine sound will certainly make the occupants more comfortable. In addition, from this sound, you can judge whether there are any odd components. So ask the seller to turn it on. If the sound sounds harsh, ask to exchange it with another unit.

Those are some points that you can apply when you want to choose a water pump. Hopefully, it fits the needs and lasts a long time!