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Best Gamers in the World Whom You Can Follow

Playing video games is not only a fun activity that can help you kill time and have fun with your friends, it is now a full-time job that can help you earn a lot of fame and wealth. Since the origin of professional gaming, titles like Dota, Counter-Strike, FIFA, League of Legends, PUBG and many other games have taken over the world. People take part in global competitions and many elite gamers find their way to fame and getting the rewards in terms of cash and recognitions.

In the current era, many gamers have come up as experts and have a unique style that they become known for. Let’s get to know some of these super cool and expert individuals and know about their path to fame:

Johnathan Wendel

Johnathan who is known as Fatal1ty is one of the first celebrity and elite gamer and is a prominent figure who is famous all over America. He has been the king of eSports since the early 90s where he bagged in-home titles in Quake 3 and Counter-Strike. He took his career as a gamer very seriously and viewed as being a vocational talent and practiced it accordingly. He became one of the highest-paid gamers in the history of eSports.

Lee Jae-dong

This guy is known for his super gaming abilities while playing Starcraft: Brood War and his creative moves and tactics. He has unmatched and creative fly skills and has the hardware and skills that are enough proof of his expertise. He has won more 5 OnGameNet Star leagues and numerous World Cyber Game titles. His rivalry with Flash is one of the most amazing throughout eSports gaming competitions. Their constant battles over different titles are famous throughout the gaming industry. Throughout the gaming industry. You can have a look at Jaedong vs Flash competitions using Spectrum internet. You can Spectrum services using Spectrum servicio al cliente

Patrik Lindberg

The guy comes from Sweden which is known as one of the best nations when it comes to professional gaming. He is known for his dominating gameplay in Counter-Strike which made him one of the best gamers in the world. Counter-Strike being a game itself was so huge that it helped take PC gaming and console gaming to a whole new level and the change the perception of gaming. He played for a gaming team in the year 2008 and won one of the top prizes and became a flawless gaming performance. He won more than 50 gold medals and bagged a lot of money and fame in his career.


He has the most competitive skills in the gaming industry and got the opportunity to rise above as a star of eSports, becoming one of the best gamers in the world. For him, StarCraft was one of the ways where Flash found all the money and fame. By playing StarCraft only, Flash managed to bag in around $400,000 as a tournament winner and also and tons of contracts and endorsements that added more to his bank account. He ruled the gaming arena as the number one player in the world for the longest period of time.


If you are someone who plays Warcraft 3, then you must have known about Moon and his undisputed titles and gameplay. He has won a large number of titles in South Korea, which became his rise to fame in the world of professional gaming. Moon has displayed immense talent and gaming expertise regardless of who he battles with and no matter how tough the competition be. He was the highest-paid gamers throughout the year 2000 and left his mark in the world of Warcraft gaming. 


Dendi is one of the gamers who bagged in a sum of $200,000 in a single Dota 2 tournament where he displayed his unmatched skills and become one of the best gamers of the world alone. The Ukrainian gaming star went along way in the gaming arena and made his mark in the arena.


He is one of the best players to ever perform in the eSports arena and one of the players who played StarCraft and dominated the arena. The game itself had a significant place in the eSport gaming arena, especially in countries like Sweden, South Korea and many other countries. The game was a jor draw and was played in front of thousands of fans which made South Korean gamers one of the biggest celebrities the world has ever known. Boxer dominated Star League which is considered as one of the most important gaming events in Korea and World Cyber Games which became one of the pinnacle of his boom.

Christopher Alesund

He is one of the pioneers of gaming moves and stayed as a gaming icon of the world. Apart from his gaming moves he always added more to his gaming tactics and moves while playing Counter-Strike 1.6. At the age of 19, he was picked up by Fnatic which was one of the best gaming teams in Sweden and made his way to earn the elite gamer level. His innovative technique that is known as lurking is now the most unstoppable technique and made him a legend of the gaming industry.

Final Thoughts

Gaming has become one of the most amazing activities that is not only entertaining but get people one of the best gamers and gaming icons to get inspiration from. You can follow these elite gamers on social media as well and watch some really cool content that these guys post for their fans.

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