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Do These Tips to Make Your CV Stands Out

CV or Curriculum Vitae is the most crucial component for job applicants. In short, a CV is the first thing that represents yourself in the eyes of a recruiter. CV is your first impression when you apply through a recruitment agency, such as Criterion Asia as Recruitment Agency Bangkok. But, did you know that HRD ignored many CVs? This is because the CV is less attractive. So, how do you make your CV look attractive?

1. Perform a Job Search

The first thing you have to do is job-research or find information about the company. You can search for it on the internet. You can also ask friends or people around you.

After information regarding work requirements has been collected, record the things needed, such as job qualifications, skills, age, and work experience. Also, you have to find out the company’s vision, mission, values ​​and work ethic.

2. Understand the importance of CV

Quality is the first thing that HRD assesses. Make a CV with a sequential arrangement to make your skill stand out. In general, the contents of a CV include:

  • Personal identity

Identity includes full name, place of birth date, home address, and telephone number.

  • Education

You do not need to include your entire education history. Write the last education, major, and GPA.

  • Personality

It is a brief description of your character.

  • Work experience

If you have previously worked or received an award, write it on the CV. That way, HRD would put it into consideration.

  • Latest Training

Write all the training program you join for the past 2-3 years.

  • Other information about yourself

Like hobbies or things related to work.

3. Start making a CV

The relevance of the content and design are important factors to make your CV looks attractive. Avoid colourful design. Please the design that is easy to read, minimalist, and neat. You can find interesting CV references from various sources.

4. Recheck the CV

After the CV is finished, try to reread it. There may be errors, such as incorrect grammar and spelling, unclear sentences, and other errors. Try to use good words and proper grammar.

Good luck!