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Excellent Steps to Get Your Kids Familiar With English

Teaching foreign languages ​​to children should be done as early as possible. Don’t wait for him to be fluent in the local language first. Children should learn both languages together. Expert psychologists say that the language acquisition for children is in golden time at the age of 0 to 6 years. Let’s look at following tips on teaching English to children:

Do it every day

Teaching English is something that requires extra patience. You must teach him routinely every day. Make sure you don’t miss a day. For starters, you can do it for 15 minutes for children under five years old. As you get older, you can increase the hours of practice.

Enroll them in an International School

International schools offer a process and learning environment based on international standards. Foreign languages surely ​​have become students’ daily conversations. Class levels provided starting from preschool to high school level. If you live in Thailand, then St Andrews International School Bangkok can be an option for your child’s education.

Learning While Playing

Children are in a period where they want to spend their time playing. They are also very prone to boredom. You have to make sure that your children are relaxed and happy when they learn. Don’t study with rigid methods like courses in an adult class. Choose a fun learning method.

Encourage Children to Listen to Songs

Learning languages ​​is all about new vocabulary. Songs can be an alternative way to introduce new vocabulary to children. Choose simple children’s songs first. Invite him to listen and then imitate the song. Listen to song two to three times, then sing it together.

Use the Language Application

As a parent in the age of advanced technology, you should be grateful. There is an application for learning English that you can download through your device. Through this application, you can invite your child to get to know simple English from letters, animal names, food names, fruit names, types of transportation, and so on.

Don’t Push Your Children

You certainly want your child to be fluent in English as soon as possible. But you have to be patient, don’t stress your child. Too much pressure on a child to master language every day can make him stressful. Let the language flow by itself.