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Here are 10 Sports Rules for Men Over the Age of 40

One of the biggest dreams of many married men is to have a good body even though they are 40 years old. However, this condition cannot occur because after marriage, lifestyle changes and appears lazy to exercise. As a result, men have more fat and sickly bodies.

As reported by, we often think that at the age of 30-40 years, sports problems don’t need to be a headache. If it has been done, if you don’t have time, then don’t do it. Things like this are actually wrong because even when you are 40 years old you still have to exercise. Here are some rules that must be understood.

1. Always warm up

If you want to do any kind of exercise even if it’s just a light jog, it’s a good idea to warm up. This method is done to make the muscles ready for various movements. Generally warm-up is done for 10-15 minutes per session and after exercise followed by cooling or relaxation.

Warming up must be done because entering the age of 40 years, the muscles will start to stiffen and their function will decrease. So, you have to preheat it so that later you don’t get an injury that makes your locomotive unusable.

2. Spend time exercising

Having 40 years of age, working a lot, having obligations in the household, and being complicated with children will be troublesome for you. It’s different when you’re still not married and living alone. You can do anything, you can do sports in the morning or evening after you get home from work without too many obstacles. In order to avoid injury, follow the fit after 50 fitness program, which is suitable for all ages.

After getting married and having a work life and a household, things naturally change. However, you must still take the time to exercise. You have to choose the right time so that physical activity is maintained and in a better body condition.

3. Focus on flexibility training

Exercises that focus on body strength are important, but you don’t need to focus on these. Just do it slowly so that your fitness doesn’t decrease. The most important thing is to do flexibility exercises. This exercise is done to keep you from having problems with mobility.

As you get older, you will experience decreased flexibility, irritated joints and muscle weakness. If this is allowed, you will be lazy to do sports in the future.

4. Never skip sports

The time you have to do sports doesn’t have to be hours and days at the gym. You can do this three times a week with a maximum duration of one hour. With the rules of the game, there is no reason to be lazy to go there.

5. Choosing the right type of exercise

Choose the type of exercise that suits your needs and abilities. You don’t have to lift weights with various machines in the gym. Just focus on the three main muscles. Next do exercises for flexibility so that the body does not stiffen easily.

6. Must have high morale

Seeing that other men can exercise intensely and have a well-preserved body certainly makes envy arise. Try not to make jealousy a burden, it becomes a whip. Even though you are old you can do well and perfectly.

7. Insert competitions

Doing sports alone, even though many people are doing it with friends, would be a huge pressure. As a result, you are not so excited to do it again. The next day you may not exercise anymore.

If you want to get really big, it’s a good idea to create competition. For example, inviting friends to exercise together and compete who the generation can quickly increase. You can also compete with your wife about who has the ideal weight.

8. Make targets that make sense

The target must enter will and can be done well. If you have a goal to have a body like a 20 year old man or athlete body will be very difficult. With good and proper practice you might get it. However, it still takes a lot of time, exercise can interfere with daily activities carried out.

9. No comparisons

Our biggest mistake when doing sports is often comparing ourselves with other people. You must have often thought that how come your energy doesn’t go up and the force is always stagnant. Meanwhile, other people who may not be that far away are still able to lift weights perfectly.

Strength or physical endurance problems can be different for each people. So, it would be good if you focus on what is being done. The development of sports abilities can be increased slowly. You don’t need to be afraid you can’t do it, the important thing is don’t push yourself.

10. Diet must also be maintained

The last thing to pay attention to if you want to keep exercising and get a proportional body is eating. It is useless to exercise until you are exhausted if the diet is still very chaotic. The calories that enter could be more and not proportional to the exercise you do.

Moreover, over 40 years of age, of course there is a shortage in terms of energy and muscle. So, boost also in the nutrition section. If you have tried well and with proper nutrition, age 40 years and over can still get a perfect body and of course always stay healthy at all times.