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How to Treat Lumbago at Home

Generally, back pain is not something that is life-threatening and treatable at home. However, back pain can hamper your daily activities. Still, treating lumbago is not difficult.

Various causes like lifting heavy objects or getting injured due to exercise can trigger back pain. However, you do not need to worry because there are several ways to treat back pain that you can do at home.

Physical activities

Exercise is undoubtedly good for your health, and it can also make your muscles more flexible and reduce the risk of injury. One thing that you can do to treat lumbago is to exercise for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Sports that can help are the types of aerobic exercise, flexibility, and strength training. The exercises are focused on the abdomen and back because both parts support the lower spine. 

Try to lie on the bed less

Lying in bed is not an effective way to treat lumbago. You need to keep moving so that the muscles wouldn’t stiff. However, if the back pain is excruciating, you can lie down for several hours.

Stretch your hamstrings

Strained hamstrings can be a cause of back pain. Stretching of the hamstrings can help treat back pain.

However, it would help if you stretched the hamstrings slowly, so it doesn’t increase the pain in the waist. Stretch hamstrings at least once every two days.

Stand on your feet for a moment

Slouching posture in a chair while working can increase your risk of back pain. You can stand up every 20 minutes and stretch your body. You can also adjust your sitting position so that you don’t have to bend while working at the computer.

Lose weight

Overweight can put more pressure on the spine and cause back pain. Losing weight can reduce your back pain. You can go on a diet and exercise to lose some weight.

Increase endorphins

Endorphins are hormones that can help to block pain signals going to the brain.

Endorphins can reduce back pain, anxiety, stress, and depression. You can increase endorphins with meditation, massage, exercise, and sex.

When should you consult an expert?

Lumbago is usually harmless and can be treated easily at home. If doing the above tips does not help get rid of your lumbago, you can consult with Rouse physio clinic Kellyville.