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Increase Your Focus with Brain Exercises, This is the Movement

Have you ever heard of brain exercises? No, this exercise is not about imagining you doing a movement aerobics in the mind while lying on the bed or lying on the easy chair.

The brain gym or brain gym still requires you to do certain movements, but these movements are very simple. Brain gyms are generally carried out by teachers in schools to help improve children’s intelligence. Brain exercise techniques aim to help you to have a more balanced movement, posture, and body coordination. Brain exercise can also be done to improve focus, organization, and communication of the body, as well as to nourish the emotional condition of the person who does it. You can balance the brain gym by consuming the Promind Complex Supplement. For those of you who want to buy this Supplement, you need to read the promind complex reviews first.

What are the movements in brain exercise?

There are about 26 movements that are included in brain exercise. Each movement has its function and purpose and the movements can be performed alternately as a combination. For beginners, there are three basic brain exercises suggested by the learning specialist, Here are three of these movements and their function for your brain:

  • Cross crawl

Cross crawl can be done standing, sitting, and even lying down. All you have to do is mimic walking on the spot, but with the knee raised as high as possible and the body turned so that the knee touches the opposite elbow (eg left knee with right elbow). This movement helps improve the coordination of the right brain and left brain as well as the right arm and left arm. Th22is brain exercise can also improve balance, focus, and maintain posture so you don’t fall easily. Cross crawl can be done anytime and with anyone, including small children. You can also do this exercise as a warm-up before doing dancing sport, tennis, golf, and football.

  • Positive point

Positive point refers to the point located on the forehead and just above the midpoint between the eyebrows. Slowly, place three fingers from each of your hands on that positive point, close your eyes, then take 10 deep breaths. If you are helping someone else do this one brain exercise, stand behind them and ask the person to close their eyes and take a breath. This movement can also be done by children with open eyes, especially if they close their eyes too long it will frighten them. A positive point is an acupressure point in humans which when pressed can release stress and emotional stress in your brain. Therefore, this brain exercise is best done when you are under stress, have a lot of thoughts, or even when you just want to calm down.

  • Hook up

This brain exercise requires a chair or a place so you can sit comfortably. To do this, cross your legs with your left heel over your right heel, bring your left hand together with your right hand in front of your chest and cross your left hand over your right hand. Bring your palms together with your fingers interlaced and lift them so that they touch your lower chin. Afterward, sit quietly for a few minutes with your eyes closed and you take a deep breath. This simple brain exercise movement calms the central nervous system and helps reconnect the electricity in the body.

The hook up also helps activate the right brain and the left brain and stabilizes emotions. Therefore, this brain exercise movement is best suited to do when you feel stressed, have a lot of thoughts, and are in a daze. Other situations that can be overcome with hookups include feeling angry, confused about making decisions, to when you need time to concentrate on making decisions. If you have time to spare, there is nothing wrong with trying the various movements above. Besides the many benefits, these brain exercise movements are not difficult to do so they can be tried anywhere.