Tips for Dealing with Problematic Employees

One of the hard things to do when you work is when facing coworkers who have problems. The problem can come from themselves or can come from outside of work. As coworkers, we can choose not to care about their problems. However, coworkers that have problem usually give impacts towards the overall work. For that, there are a number of things we can do to deal with this situation:

Often arrive late. The job did not meet the target. Work not according to direction. Is this what your colleague did every day?

1. Take an Informal Approach

The way to help them can be through a personal approach. Have a face to face conversation with informal dialogue to discuss the problem.

2. Show That We Care

Face them as friends, brother or sister, whom we care about. Show that we care about them. Ask them what made them do this and that. You can also use the services of a team building sydney to help lazy employees work hard.

3. Generate Independent Solutions

usually, when you try to help someone, they will also ask you for directions on how to improve. When dealing with this, don’t be trapped to give advice or suggestions. I told them to ask their own solution so they will be trained to see themselves as a problem solver.

4. Find Critical Reasons

problematic coworker usually believes that they don’t have enough reason to change. Find critical reasons that can make them change. Strengthen them by giving praise to the various strengths they have. In this way, you will be able to create a momentum of change.