Top Princess Disney Movies that Your Child Can Take a Lesson From

Walt Disney Company has been serving the world for many decades from cartoon to animations. They have improved the story line and characterisation as the years go by. The animation company has not only bought into the minds of children but adults too.

Disney Movie Club services has provided the best of animation through the lens of awesome camera and movie production. The entertainment for child is paramount and these experiences shape the life of a child. The lessons learnt from these movies are taken into adulthood.

Top Princess Disney Movies

Disney has presented quite a number of princess movies, and their characters are something to learn from.

Frozen I & II shows us that the bond of family is the greatest, and siblings should look after each other. In this movie, the stereotype of always been saved by true love’s kiss was debunked. Ladies can stand up and take charge of situations. We also learn from Sven, the man Anna was courting, he was there to support Anna and not take the spotlight off her. Showing that true love would support your dreams not compete with you.

The Little Mermaid. Ariel daughter to the King and Queen of Atlantica was a willful and curious child. This curiosity led her into precarious situations. The little mermaid story teaches strength to pursue our dreams even when they look impossible. It also teaches kids not to make a deal with the wrong people even if they are offering to help. The help is just bait inviting us to our ruin.

Aladdin. This animation movie tells the story of a common thief, a princess a genie and a royal vizier. For the first time, an Arabian story is put into action. Aladdin does not give up in his quest to marry the Princess Jasmine. This story teaches us never to give up no matter the obstacles in our way. Princess Jasmine teaches us to be our own person and not to be treated as someone’s trophy.

The Beauty and the Beast. Belle loved literature and her quality was put to test when she got to the enchanted castle. We see a lady who was able to teach the Beast how to be kind and love others around him. She saved his life twice, now that’s no small feat.

Mulan. All the way, Disney brings us a story from China. The society expected her to catch a husband and settled down but there was more to be done. She didn’t sit around waiting to be saved while China goes to war; but Mulan was brave enough to stand in the place of her father and save the Emperor from been killed. The Mulan story teaches bravery, loyalty and being able to protect the ones you love.

Watching animation supports language development, allow children learn interpersonal relationships, courage, the power of decision and standing up for one’s self.

These Disney princess movies have topped the charts and their lessons are evergreen.