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Useful Tips You Can Do to Avoid Car Theft

The number of vehicle theft cases gets every car owner worried. Providing safety to the car is the best solution to prevent your car gets stolen. Here are some useful tips to put your cars in safety.

GPS Security System

The first type of car safety is the Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking system. This safety system utilizes satellite. The GPS works by sending coordinate data, which makes it easier to track the position of the vehicle if it is lost. By using GPS กัน รถ หาย (GPS anti-lost car), of course, it will be easy to locate your stolen car.

Steering Lock

The steering wheel lock functions to lock the movement of the steering wheel. You can install it by attaching the safety to the steering wheel or to one of the parts of the brakes, clutch, or gas so that the car can not move. The type of steering locks also varies, some grips the steering wheel, prop the dashboard, linked to the clutch or gas pedal where all the security measures are all connected to the engine.

Car Alarm

The next security system to prevent car theft is to install an alarm security system. The alarm will make a warning sound if there is interference on the car. Many signs you can set on the alarm sensors, such as small turn signal lights, horn sounds, giving GSM signals to phones, etc.

The alarm functions to convey a dangerous signal early on if there is any sign of suspicious actions. Car alarms should be connected to speakers in the car to anticipate whether the horn cable is disconnected, and thus the alarm can still ring.


The next car safety system is an immobilizer. It is a system that matches the lock code with the car’s device. If the codes are not the same, the car will not be turned on. This safety system can be an option for maintaining the security of your vehicle. You should first make sure your vehicle is equipped with an electronic control system.